Electronic MAR – We interface with most electronic MAR and Health records. No need to change systems.

Med Tablet – Wirelessly communicates patient healthcare information between Centerville LTC and your facility. Your facility can manage MARS, PO’s, physician orders, direct care orders, prescriptions and much more on this paperless Microsoft cloud system.

Helix – Our Helix Pharmacy system allows us to capture faxed and electronic orders by computer and link them directly to data entry.  This paperless system allows for more accurate real-time checking of orders.  We can also provide customized reports to meet your needs.  Some of our most popular reports include: Refill reminders, Refill Expiration and Drug Class Reports.

Cover My Meds – Electronic Prior Authorization for Providers and Pharmacists.

RX Trax – Delivery and Manifest tracking system. Always be prepared for and audit or verify delivery.