Packaging Options

Unit Dose Boxes

Strip unit dose packaging is individually tailored to each client’s prescriptions making it safe and easy for a qualified caregiver to use.  Each strip is boxed with the consumer’s name, drug name, date, directions for use and time the enclosed medicine should be administered.  This system provides for the easy swapping of doses when orders are changed.  Simply return the old dose when the new dose arrives.  Each tablet or capsule is individually labelled for accuracy and safety of medication administration.

Traditional Pill Bottle

Traditional pill bottles quite often are used for medications prescribed “as needed” thus not requiring a regimented time frame for dispensing.

Doc U Dose

The client’s entire routine medication regimen is in an all inclusive, single-day packaging system that is divided into four time passes (morning, noon, evening and bedtime).  All pertinent information regarding a client’s prescription is listed on one side of the bag and actual unit dose medication is visible on the other side.  This organized system of packaging dramatically reduces the chance of medication errors and confusion especially when prescriptions change.  As our most popular medication packaging system, Doc U Dose helps improve medication compliance and eases the workload of agency staff and caregivers.

Blister Packs

Blister cards provide a visual reminder enabling the caregiver of patient to monitor their daily medication. This is a favorite of a lot of facilities. Blister cards remain organized and provide for an easy method of noticing when refills are needed. Blister cards are one of the easiest and safest tools for medication administration. When medication orders change, the old doses are easily swapped out when the new doses arrive.  Shift counts of controlled medications is never easier than when in a blister card.


We also have available an exchangeable unit dose medication system individually packaged within disposable blister type packs. These are contained within reusable plastic dispensers featuring a unique ID tag along the top to provide at-a-glance patient medication information.