Packaging Options

At Centerville LTC Pharmacy, we offer a variety of packaging options to customers. If you need to talk to us about medication delivery or special needs, we are your local institutional pharmacy, and we would be happy to review how to best make medication delivery simplified for you, your caregivers, and your patients.

Unit Dose Boxes

We tailor prescription dosing with strip unit dose packaging. Each strip is personalized with patient name, medication information, and prescribed directions, lowering the chances of potential confusion. This also offers the benefit of easy returns when dose orders are altered by physicians.

Pill Bottles

A traditional pill bottle is often used in cases where medication doses are given on an as-needed basis, such as with typical non-prescription pain relief.

Doc U Dose

The Doc U Dose delivery method is a popular option among our institutional clients, as it provides a single-day system per patient. Each day is divided into four time passes. All pertinent information regarding a client’s prescription is listed on one side of the bag. The actual unit dose medication is labeled and visible on the other side. This system has received kudos from many of our long-term care facility clients by offering an improved level of medication compliance and reduction of errors.

Blister Packs

Each card contains a single medication. Blister cards offer an organized and hygienic method of medication administration. This method is great to controlled medications, keeping track of inventory and monitoring when refills are needed.


We also have available an exchangeable unit dose medication system individually packaged within disposable blister type packs. These are contained within reusable plastic dispensers featuring a unique ID tag along the top to provide at-a-glance patient medication information.

Talk to Us about Medication Packaging Options for Your Facility

At Centerville LTC Pharmacy, we are a closed door institutional pharmacy that helps streamline medication delivery for Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, and facilities in the surrounding areas. We serve institutions such as: nursing homes, assisted living, medical health facilities, and long-term care facilities.

We can help you organize your medication delivery, as well as provide expertise on compliance, reporting, and other challenges many care givers face. Call today to learn more about our team and our technology. We have a 30+ year record of satisfied customers who appreciate our flexibility, personalized services, and attention to detail.