Experienced Assisted Living Pharmacy in Dayton

ASSISTED LIVING PHARMACY IN DAYTONAs an established provider of prescription medication for a wide-variety of assisted living establishments across Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, OH, we have developed an excellent understanding of what our customers need to make life as easy for them as possible. That is why we’ve developed a number of innovative service features that help to make the whole process of drug administration as straight-forward and error-free as possible.

Assisted Living Pharmacy Service: Packaging Options

With many patients requiring complex combinations of medication at different times of day, and making sure that there is accurate drug administration can be a challenge. To minimize the risk of incorrect dosages, we offer several different packaging options, packaging each day’s drug requirements in an easily manageable format. The packaging is customized to the needs of your clients, ensuring that each individual gets the right medication exactly when needed.

Drug-Checking Solutions for Assisted Living Pharmacy Services

Our team of pharmacists will complete regular checks to ensure that the drugs your patients have been provided won’t interact with each other in a dangerous manner. We know it can be all too easy for people to end up with numerous medications, some of which can be counter-productive when taken together. We work to minimize that risk, ensuring your residents receive checked drug combinations.

Pharmacy Provision that Gives You More

We are able to accommodate complex prescribing as well as more routine prescriptions. Our service includes scheduled delivery of all medications, so there is no need to make a specific trip to collect drugs, or worry about the risk of running short at an inconvenient time. We aim to do everything we can to make your life easier, offering a one-stop solution to all your prescribing requirements in the Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton, OH, area. To find out more about our service or for any questions, call us at (800) 688-0528.