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Pharmacy Delivery for the Dayton, OH Area

Whether you operate a care home, clinic, or other facility for groups of people who need regular prescription medication, you will appreciate the value of convenient, free delivery of all your medication requirements. When you use us to fill prescriptions, you will receive not only the input of our skilled team of pharmacists, but also regular delivery of your prescriptions exactly when you need it. There is no need to worry about inadvertently running short on drugs, or having unfilled prescriptions building up; our reliable pharmacy delivery service for clients in and around Dayton, OH will take care of all your needs.

Specialty Packaging and Delivery – We offer five different Packaging systems for medications customized to your needs. We can provide on demand or short or monthly fill systems that can start any day of the month that works best for you:
Free delivery When you want it! We use Pharmacy Rx Trax which is a Delivery Manifest & Driver Tracking System. With RX trax we can:

  • Quickly Add or Remove Deliveries
  • Capture Signatures/Proof of Delivery
  • Instantly know when Deliveries are Delivered

Training for Healthcare Providers

Centerville LTC Pharmacy realizes the importance of our facilities to expect caregivers to provide top-notch care to their patients. We provide classes to for caregivers to help maintain a level of excellence of patient care. Classes and in-services such as CPR/First Aid, G-Tube/J-Tube, & Subcutaneous Insulin Injection and medication administration are scheduled upon request.


We provide paper and electronic MAR’s and PO’s and treatment records free of charge to help our clients manage patient care and comply with state regulations.

Pharmacist Medication Review

Personal review of medication charts by one of our Pharmacists. These evaluations reveal possible harmful interactions, & duplication’s in addition to providing an opportunity for the pharmacists to recommend alternative medications that may increase the effectiveness of your client’s current medication regimen

Pharmacy Delivery